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Clay Mitt serious performance Clay Mitts

Clay Mitt serious performance Clay Mitts

$9.90 $11.90

The Serious Performance Fine Grade Detailing Clay Mitt is carrying on the claying revolution which is moving away from the classic clay bar to a more modern soft polymer surface on either a sponge or a mitt for doing your claying duties.
This revolutionary mitt works in exactly the same way as a clay bar or even our clay discs in that it removes all surface contaminants from your paint during the washing stage, leaving your car with that 'glass smooth' feeling.
The mitt has a soft neoprene inner lining for comfort and the outer mitt is microfibre with one side containing the 'claying' polymer surface which can be used as you wash, or with your favourite Quick Detailer.
Please be aware that as with ANY claying product surface marring may occur depending on usage and paint condition or softness.

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